NATA MOSA ARTWEAR is a brand name based in Athens, created by Natalia Moschakou, for a unique collection of handmade fashion woman accessories.

NATA MOSA has been featured in several fashion exhibitions and has been presented in shops and galleries in Greece, Europe and the Middle East.

Natalia Moschakou is an architect who lives and works in Athens. She first launched NATA MOSA in 2014 to combine her passion for design and innate knowledge of textiles.

For the current collection of NATA MOSA she re-imagines three essential accessories from the woman’s wardrobe (the Gloves, the Hat and the Scarf) by giving them particular shapes and texture while choosing velvet as a powerful material to convene elegance, sophistication and class.

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Avgis 33, 14121, Athens, Greece
+30 6934837846

For wholesale inquiries please mail to [email protected]

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